Twentynine Palms Ca: Auditions for the Fall production of Theatre 29’s 2018 season, the terrifying Broadway musical “CARRIE, THE MUSICAL”, have been scheduled for Sunday, August 12th at 5:00pm on the Theatre 29 Main Stage at 73637 Sullivan Road in Twentynine Palms.  The Steven King story of the telekinetic Carrie White will take the stage for four weeks beginning October 5th through 21st.


Carrie White is a misfit. At school, she is an outcast, where she is bullied viciously for her differences, Carrie is also lost at home, with a fervently religious mother whose love traps her in its maw. When PE teacher Miss Gardner, kind classmate Sue Snell, and boyfriend Tommy Ross reach out to try and help Carrie, it seems that for once, Carrie might have a shot at being accepted. But Chris Hargensen, the class’s most vicious bully, has other ideas. Pushed to the brink, Carrie’s recently emerging telekinetic powers threaten to overwhelm her, and devour everyone around her in flame.


Veteran director Charles Harvey will be seeking a cast of 14 - 20 (8 female; 6 male) musical performers for this production.  ALL ROLES MUST SING AT LEAST CHORALLY!  The roles being cast are:


Carrie White 17 - 25  Mezzo-Soprano - A painfully shy outsider who, in spite of her best efforts to belong, has been the victim of her classmates’ cruel jokes since childhood, as well as her mother’s strict, biblically-ordained control at home. She transforms from ugly duckling into graceful – and then vengeful – swan. Vocally, she must be capable of lyrical sweetness as well as fierce power.


Margaret White 30 – 50 Soprano - A woman of visceral extremes, she balances her fervent religious convictions with equally sincere true-believer spirituality and tender, maternal love for Carrie. Like Carrie, with whom she shares several duets, her voice must range from expressive and melodic to ferocious and frightening.


Sue Snell  16 – 25 Mezzo-Soprano - She acts as the story’s narrator in retrospect. A straight-A student who’s been popular her entire life, she’s remarkably level headed for her age. Her unthinking participation in a cruel act of bullying causes a crisis of conscience that leads her on a journey to try to right things. Vocally, she has a pop ballad voice that delivers sweet sincerity and strength.


Chris Hargensen 18 – 25 Mezzo-Soprano - Rich, spoiled-rotten, and wickedly funny, Chris is a popular beauty whose arrogant self-assurance makes her believe that the rules don’t apply to her. Loaded with sexual dynamite, she has serious daddy and anger management issues. Her voice is pop-rock percussive and powerful.  She is the main villain here.


Miss Gardner  25 - 40  Alto - This girls’ P.E. teacher can be a strict disciplinarian if necessary, but when Carrie arouses her maternal instinct, she surprises herself by also revealing a protective “fairy godmother” side. Her voice is warm and strong, just like the woman.


Tommy Ross 18 – 25 Tenor Popular star athlete, valedictorian, and all around stand-out, he’s the boy that all the girls want to be with, and all the boys want to be. Yet he also has unexpected, quirky sensitivity and is just starting to mine his personal life and feelings – a budding poet. His voice should have an effortless pop quality.


Billy Nolan 18 – 25 Baritone - Now in his sixth year in high school, Billy’s a sexy, stupid-like-a-fox bad boy whose wise mouth troublemaking has led him to spend more time in detention than in class. All these qualities make it easy for his girlfriend Chris to manipulate him to do her bidding. His voice is that of a wailing rocker.


Mr. Stephens Baritone 25 - 50, this well-intentioned English teacher and guidance counselor struggles to help his students realize their potential. A dedicated educator, he’s stretched thin in his duties, woefully underpaid, and a bit overwhelmed as to how to handle the Billy Nolans of the classroom combat zone.


Freida 16-25 Mezzo-Soprano Sue’s brainy pal, she’s an easy-going, get-along follower and a tireless extracurricular committee volunteer.


Norma 16-25 Mezzo-Soprano Bitchy, gossipy, and a shameless suck-up to authority, Norma is second-in-command to Chris’ queen bee.


Helen 16-25 Mezzo-Soprano Giggly and easily shocked, her immaturity and need to belong make her the perfect example of the herd mentality.


George 16-25 Tenor Tommy’s jock wingman since childhood, George idolizes him. Perhaps a little too much…


Stokes 16-25 Tenor A bit of a nerd, he’s happy to be included as one of Tommy’s posse.


Freddy 16-25 Tenor The wise-cracking class clown and official yearbook photographer, he can’t believe any girl would ever give him the time of day.


Auditions will consist of vocalization for 16 bars in the style of the show, movement and cold readings.   Bring a karaoke or non-vocal backing track on CD (Musical Theatre piece, no original works or pop songs).  An accompanist will not be provided. If you bring accompaniment on mobile device or phone, please bring a speaker for the device as well.  Dress prepared to move.  Production is also seeking technical assistance as stagehands, set builders and costume construction. Any wishing to participate in these capacities, please also attend auditions (you will not be required to audition).  For more information, check out the audition details on Theatre 29’s Facebook page or on or contact the director, Charles Harvey, via email at [email protected].