Theatre 29: Home Edition Video Submissions

Raise Your Voice to Bring Light to Our Community


Theatre 29 and Director Lisa Goldberg are proud to announce their first ever video auditions for their special Theatre 29: Home Edition concert series. For the first time ever, Theatre 29 along with Goldberg and Musical Director Scott Clinkscales will present a series of musical theatre favorites direct to your home from Theatre 29 performers past, present, and future.

During these uncertain times, Goldberg and Clinkscales wanted to find a way to bring the arts to the community without people having to leave their homes. The result is a concert series that will be presented through Theatre 29 on various social media platforms beginning Tuesday, May 26th, 2020.

Instead of in-person auditions, they are asking interested individuals to please email their video submission to [email protected]. Please make sure your song is from a musical. Also, when you send your audition video, please be open to being given a different song if the directors feel there is another song they would like performed that would fit you perfectly. 

For more information, contact Lisa Goldberg at [email protected].


In most cases, you will be using your smartphone or mobile device with a built in camera (like an I-Pad).  If you have the option of having someone else in your household taping your audition, that is best.  They will need to be able to hold it still and to avoid commenting or laughing from behind the camera as they tape.  If that is not possible, position your device in a device cradle (if you have one) or even position a stack of books behind your device, so the camera angle is pointed at you clearly.  For an "at home" performance, we only need to see you from the waist up and you can even be sitting down.  However, for singing, bear in mind that singing while seated does affect your diaphragm and your breath control.
Lighting is important as we need to be able to see you but not so much light that you are totally obscured.   It is best to have a lamp without shade situated behind the camera that will light your face.  You can also use natural light, but avoid taping yourself in front of a french door or window.  The light from outside can overpower the illumination from inside.  If you wish to use natural light, then position the camera between yourself and the window/door so the light illuminates your face and not blind the camera lens.
Since you are submitting a performance piece and not auditioning for a role in a book musical, please just state your name and the name of the piece you are performing ahead of the performance.  The accompaniment you sing to should be close enough to the recording device so it can be heard along with your voice, but not so loud that it obscures the performance.  It is best not to try to sing without accompaniment, if you cannot locate what you need, try Youtube for karaoke or backing tracks.  Be mindful about your audition piece, make sure it really is in your range and vocal style, not just a piece you like to listen to.  Showcase your unique abilities, don't try to be someone else!
If you mess up, don't apologize!  Guess what, you can just record of it and perfect your efforts.  Enjoy!