On the Main Stage Monday, March 11 6 p.m. Theatre 29, 73637 Sullivan Road, 29 Palms.
Contact: Director Eddie Tucker at 442-241-7464 (text) or at [email protected]
The Murder Room is a fast-paced British farce that centers on the murderous intent and trickery of a beautiful gold-digging young woman who plans to murder her brand-new, rich husband. But, of course, complications ensue and her evil scheme goes hilariously downhill. Or does it?
The available male roles are:

Edgar Hollister: appearing to be 45 - 60, a member of the landed gentry, suave, smooth and elegant, with a refined British accent. This is a dual role, the second being: Police Constable Abel Howard: appearing to be 30 - 40, very earnest in demeanor, with a working-class British accent.
Inspector of Police James Crandall: appearing to be 30-40, authoritative, very much the cop, but not exactly who he seems to be.
Barry Draper: appearing to be 25-30, a young American millionaire and new boyfriend of Edgar’s ditsy daughter.
The three female roles in The Murder Room are: Mavis, Edgar’s young, attractive and murderous new wife; Susan, Edgar’s really pretty young daughter; and Lottie, his longtime, sharp old housekeeper. All three female roles have been precast.
Auditioning men should prepare to cold-read from the script and be available for all rehearsals and performances from March 12 through May 12, 2019. All roles are substantial and require actors to be in good physical condition and attend all rehearsals and performances.