Directed by BEN BEES

.Monday, March 2 6:30PM


Susy Hendrix: The lead female role. Susy is in her twenties (anywhere from early to late) and is blind. She is strong and determined.

Sam Hendrix: Sam is Susy’s husband and savior. He rescued her when she needed him most and he absolutely adores her. He is a professional photographer and can also be played in his early to late twenties.

Mike Talman: Mike is an ex-convict fresh out of prison and looking for some fast cash. He is the lead male role. A male in his late twenties and up is preferred for this role.

Sgt. Carlino: Carlino is also an ex-con fresh out and looking for cash. He has worked with Mike many times before and throws himself fully into his roles in the con. Carlino can be played by a male from his mid-twenties on.

Harry Roat Jr.: Roat is the mastermind of the con. He is smooth, brilliant, and dangerous. Roat can be played by anyone from early twenties on.

Gloria: Gloria is a wonderful role for a young actress ten-fourteen (sixteen at oldest if can be made to look younger). She is Susy’s upstairs neighbor and becomes a vital player in deconstructing the con.

Policemen: Will cast one-two police men of any age from eighteen on. (Small roles at the end of the show.)

Theatre 29 and Director Ben Bees announce open auditions will be held for the classic suspense-thriller “Wait Until Dark”, the third show of the 2015 season. The show was first performed in 1966 and was made into a hit film in 1967.

In “Wait Until dark”, sinister con man, Roat, and two ex-convicts, Mike and Carlino, are about to meet their match. They have traced the location of a mysterious doll, which they are much interested in, to the Greenwich Village apartment of Sam Hendrix and his blind wife, Susy. Sam had apparently been persuaded by a strange woman to transport the doll across the Canadian border, not knowing that sewn inside were several grams of heroin. When the woman is murdered the situation becomes more urgent. The con man and his ex-convicts, through a cleverly constructed deception, convince Susy that the police have implicated Sam in the woman’s murder, and the doll, which she believes is the key to his innocence, is evidence. She refuses to reveal its location, and with the help of a young neighbor, figures out she is the victim of a bizarre charade. Susy knows the only way to play fair is by her rules, so when darkness falls she turns off all the lights leaving her and her captors to maneuver in the dark until the game ends.”

Auditons for all parts will be held Monday, March 2nd, at 6:30 pm at the Theater 29 main Stage, 73637 Sullivan Road in 29 Palms. Auditions will consist of cold readings and improv exercises so come dressed to move and have a great time.

“Wait Until Dark will run for 5 weekends from April 10th, through May 9th , Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00 pm and Sunday Matinees at 2:30 pm on April 19th and May 3rd.

Tickets for “Wait Until Dark”, are available now at www.theatre29.org, or by calling 760-361-4151. Tickets are $12.00 Regular, $10.00 Seniors and Military, and $8.00 for Students with ID or children under 12. “Wait Until Dark” is appropriate for all ages.
Theatre 29 is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501( c ) 3, Community Theater organization..

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