Gary Daigneault (President)

Brian Tabeling (Vice President)

Cindy Ross (Treasurer)

Katie Van Sumeren (Secretary)

Kathryn Ferguson
Charles Harvey
Patti Brown
Marty Neider
Cindy Daigneault
Tresa Oden
Char Childs 
Facilities Manager (Theatre 29 physical plant) – Brian Tabeling
Technical Bridge Area – Charles Harvey/Tresa Oden
Outside, Shop and Storage Areas – Brian Tabeling
Stage Area Manager – Char Childs
Box Office Operations / Mailing List Manager – Cindy Daigneault
Publicity– Gary Daigneault
Sponsorship and Patrons – Cindy Daigneault
Security– Gary Daigneault
Program Advertisement Sales – Patti Brown/Cindy Daigneault
Snack Bar Manager – Brian Tabeling
Props and Costumes Storage – Char Childs
Volunteer Coordinator – Cindy Daigneault
Insurance/Corporate compliance – Charles Harvey
Website/Graphics– Charles Harvey
Historian– Judy Andreshak
Play Selection Committee: Chair, Kathryn Ferguson - Gary Daigneault, Marty Neider, Cindy Ross. Patti Brown.
Building Committee: Chair, Gary Daigneault - Brian Tabeling, Charles Harvey.
Special Events Committee (Gala and Dinner): Chair, Kathy Ferguson, Cindy Daigneault and Patti Brown.
Volunteer Conduct Committee: Brian Tabeling, Cindy Ross, and Kathryn Ferguson
Retired long-time former Board member Judy Andreshak will remain as the organizations Historian.